Our Mission

Western Asset Services' mission statement is simple – to provide the most professional and dedicated service in the industry.  Using our experience, market knowledge and leveraging on our relationships, we advise each client based on how we manage our own class “A” real estate.  This philosophy enables us to build long term relationships while providing the most cost effective service possible.


Core Values



Our selective approach to building our client base allows us to focus on providing superior customer service; our systems and procedures are reliable. Our staff is dedicated to the entire process.



Being our own first client for over ten years, our systems are thoroughly tested on our product before they are introduced to you.



Our reputation as a performance-orientated developer and manager has helped cultivate strong relationships with vendor and brokerage partners in the community. 


Our Story

Founded in 2004, Western Development Group began acquiring property in Cherry Creek North and since that time has developed a collection of Class A mixed-use projects in the area. Our team members oversee each of these projects from concept into construction, completion through commissioning, and continuing into day-to-day management and leasing activities. With an average of over 25 years of experience in all aspects of the field, we have the collective knowledge to be successful in any market condition.

Recognizing the value of what we created, the collective knowledge held by the members of our team and the desire to expand our footprint in the Denver market, Western Asset Services was created. With 250,000 square feet under management in the Cherry Creek area, our approach and systems have been tested on our own assets, allowing us to apply our proven processes to assignments outside of our organization. We demand the highest professional standards from our staff as well as our service partners, and leverage these relationships to ensure that individual needs are met with the optimal financial outcome. Our commitment to superior customer service translates into the highest levels of tenant satisfaction, which in our experience, results in a more stable occupancy for our assets.

Western Asset Services recognizes that successful management of an asset takes more than market knowledge; a thorough understanding of your goals, sensitivity to the individual needs of your ownership structure, timely and accurate reporting, and an interactive approach to solutions. Our growth is deliberate and selective, enabling us to transition your project into our management portfolio quickly and smoothly. The standards and practices we apply to our own successful assets are duplicated with yours.